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     Great quality rug cleaning. HollandParkCarpetCleaning only use natural steam cleaning which is great for me as I have a lot of sensitivities, so having a natural product is the best option, and it worked great. My rug looks good as new.
Neil Harris19/05/2020
     Hired them last weekend to clean my home before moving. They did a great job and were very friendly and professional.
Nichole T.19/09/2019
     I run a small business with a happy crew. Holland Park Carpet Cleaning feel like part of the family we hire them so often. Sparkling floors, good carpet cleaning service always.
Malcolm 25/04/2017
     Only HollandParkCarpetCleaning were able to save me in my hour of need. My bathroom needed a clean and quickly, and I wouldn't be able to get things done. They could though, so I hired them to tackle my emergency cleaning needs. They got the bathroom looking better than ever, much faster than I could have hoped for. Words can't express how grateful I am that they could do this for me.
Eddy Brunt31/07/2015
     From the moment I approached Holland Park Cleaners and narrated my personal circumstances, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They understood well that my busy schedule does not give me sufficient time to clean the house. They promised to send someone twice a week to clean my house and complete the chores that I couldn't. It's been three months now and I am amazed with the efficiency of their team and the quality of work. Definitely value for money!
Basil Clarke08/05/2015
     HollandParkCarpetCleaning knows exactly how to get those dull floors shining again and keep your home looking its best. I know this from first hand experience with this cleaning firm, whose cleaners don't shy away from hard work! It's always a pleasure having the cleaners in, because they work quietly and diligently, and once they've packed up their cleaning materials and left, there's nothing I like more than to relax in my spotless home! You reputation precedes you!
     I was so pleased with the recent office cleaning service I hired. HollandParkCarpetCleaning were truly marvelous and able to fit in with my opening hours. The cleaners did an overall of the office and really got to those parts that had been left for a while. The cleaners worked hard and dusted, polished, swept, vacuumed and mopped until the place looked sparkling clean. I now hire these lovely ladies every week to keep everything in tip top condition. It has saved me a lot of time and is worth the money.
Shannon W.24/11/2014
     I needed a good cleaner to help me clean my apartment. Since I moved to London I've had to do everything on a budget but HollandParkCarpetCleaning clean apartments for a very cheap price. I have been able to get them to come every three weeks and they do a very good job. They clean the kitchen, the windows, the lounge area and the bathroom and once they cleaned my sofa because it was stained after someone spilled drinks on it. This is a cleaning company I'm very pleased with and one I would recommend to other people in the area.
     I appreciate HollandParkCarpetCleaning because they improve the living conditions of my properties. The important thing about this company is also that they provide the same service that many professional cleaners do but for a better price. I've tried some of the budget cleaners, and also others in the same price range, and this company are now my preferred choice. It's nice to actually be able to trust a firm with a part of your livelihood instead of worrying about the standard of the work. So now instead of having to drive around checking up on my different buildings I can trust that professional work is going on!
     When working in a music shop, it's important that we be organized, clean and tidy, even if we are trying to sell music, the other bits and pieces need to be in order in the shop too. That is why, when we hired HollandParkCarpetCleaning to take over our retail unit cleaning, we knew that they would do a good job. They came highly recommended, as we can see why. Every other week, they even do our windows for us! So lucky to have them on board.
Matilda H.04/09/2014
     My family is tough to handle, and they take their toll on the house. I tried to keep up with things, but juggling my professional work, my family life and the housework was becoming a struggle. Luckily, HollandParkCarpetCleaning lent me the help that I was looking for. They provided a quick and inexpensive cleaning service that exceeded my expectations. I come back from work to a house that I barely recognise, but in a good way. My life is less of a grind, and my house looks fantastic on a regular basis. I would recommend them any day of the week.
     I will be the first to recommend HollandParkCarpetCleaning to all that I know, as they really are incredible. You can't really beat a team who get your house looking spotless with such speed, accuracy and efficiency. I find them to be a very agreeable bunch, and really do hope that anyone who uses them gets the same amazing treatment form the as I have in my house. They can seemingly sort out anything, from carpet stains to dirty kitchens, and I would be completely lost without them, I must admit!
Clarence Howard31/07/2014
     Hiring cleaners isn't something I was very keen on doing as I like my home to be cleaned the way I want it. However HollandParkCarpetCleaning have made a massive difference to my home cleaning and they do such a professional job every time that I have never regretted bringing them in. It makes a difference if you have cleaners who really get down to the gritty jobs and take care of difficult things like oven cleaning and polishing windows and shower doors. Those are jobs I struggle with and the cleaners do it all for me, which is a major relief and enables me to enjoy a much cleaner house.
Emma L.30/06/2014
     I wanted a one off deep clean service done on my new flat I was buying. I was given the name of a local cleaning company and gave them a call. HollandParkCarpetCleaning were great to deal with. They arranged a meeting and gave me a price. From then on the cleaners arrived with all of their gear and got on with the cleaning. They did a detailed job, covering things such as skirting boards, removing cobwebs and dust, polishing, sweeping and scrubbing. There was a lot of mess left as the place had been empty a while. But, this team did an amazing job, thanks a lot.
Diana R.26/05/2014
     I do my best to avoid the cleaning at the best of times, and when I was moving house I knew there was no way that I'd tackle my end of tenancy cleaning. I asked around for professional cleaning company recommendations and heard about HollandParkCarpetCleaning. The online reviews really sealed the deal for me, and I hired them right away. I had two cleaners for my end of tenancy clean, and they were just great! They got right to work, managed to get everything done in the time that I'd hoped for and made sure that everything was properly clean. I couldn't have managed without their help so thanks a lot!
     I needed a cleaning company that could clean my apartment on short notice. HollandParkCarpetCleaning provided a thorough and quick service. They were available when I needed them and provided a thorough service. They cleaned my kitchen, bathroom and living room thoroughly, getting all corners and hard to reach areas. They were friendly during the cleaning process and got everything completed quickly. They had a professional attitude and arrived at my apartment exactly when planned. They brought all the necessary cleaning equipment and were ready to work. I was able to get my deposit returned in full, so I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to save money on your end of tenancy cleaning.
Susan V.18/02/2014
     You know sometimes you have to pinch yourself because you think something is too good to be true? That's what I do every Thursday when I come home from work to find my apartment absolutely gleaming. These guys must work so hard getting this place like this. Maybe they don't, maybe they have some sort of magic cleaning spray. Whatever it is, it works. I am 100% satisfied with the service that HollandParkCarpetCleaning provide. In terms of cleaning services I have had in the past they are second-to-none. If you have trouble maintaining a clean apartment, let these guys do it for you!
Jane Thompson30/01/2014
     In some ways, I was apprehensive of getting a cleaner in, as it felt like I wasn't capable or something. That quickly disappeared when I saw how fast the team from HollandParkCarpetCleaning were. Fact is, I was incapable! I was completely rubbish at cleaning in comparison to these guys, and for the price, it makes a lot more sense to get them round than to faff about doing a bad job really. The cleaners that they send are very nice, and I come home every Friday to find that the place looks wonderful, which is amazing.
Steve H.07/01/2014
     When I was growing up having a cleaner was a luxury afforded to the rich and famous. How that has changed - I would be lost without my weekly clean from HollandParkCarpetCleaning! I have the same cleaner who comes at the same time each week, and she has become something of a companion over the years, I really wouldn't know what I would do without her. She is polite and is above all a fantastic cleaner who really takes pride in her work and keeps my home in tip top shape. A really great company.
Fiona Broadacre05/12/2013

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